Reservations may be canceled or modified 7 days prior to check-in, but you will be charged the credit card processing fee.

    • Canceling less than 7 days prior to arrival will result in a forfeit of the deposit, however, the deposit can be applied to a new available date.
    • Failure to check-in on the arrival date, will result in charges for the entire stay including taxes and credit card fees.
    • Early departure will result in forfeit of your first night’s deposit, but 50% of all remaining nights will be refunded, with the exception of cleaning and credit card fees.

House Rules

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to eviction and forfeiture of your entire rental costs. By entering our property, you and your guests agree to adhere to the following house rules.

    • Maximum of six registered guests per cabin, including children.
    • Four non-registered guests per cabin are allowed on the grounds, but must leave the property by 8 pm.
    • Two parking spaces are allowed for each cabin.
    • The entire property, except the inside of your cabin, is shared space, common courtesy is required.
    • No parties or events are allowed unless approved by owner.
    • Maximum 30 person on the deck.
    • Excessive noise is not permitted.
    • Climbing on railing or tree is prohibited.
    • Drunken or aggressive behavior is not allowed.
    • This is a No Smoking Property – smoking in cabins or on deck is prohibited.
    • No fires or fireworks on property.
    • No cooking or heating devices of any kind on deck.
    • Glass containers prohibited on deck and at the river.
    • All activities in river are at your own risk.
    • Diving off dock or riverbank is prohibited.
    • Life jackets must be worn while using boats, kayaks, or canoes.
    • Read the instructions that are  posted near the floating dock prior to use.
    • No pets allowed.
    • Quiet time is 10 pm.


Check-In: 3:00 PM

Check-Out: 11:00 AM

cabins on the guadalupe river